November 11, 2008


You'll have to forgive me, I just woke up a few hours ago and I'm reeeal bored.

Anyway, when I get bored Facebook notes happen. I like "blogging" on Facebook through the notes system and most of my friends seem to enjoy it, even if I don't talk about anything in particular. Lately though I have been harping on the issues of gay marriage and the recent passage of what I'll just call the "propositions".

It's hard to explain. I'm not so much angry over the passages as I am not surprised; I mean, America can barely handle a half-black president let alone gay marriage and other such progressive things. However, I'm still disappointed and amazed. What I'm also amazed at is how many intellectual friends I have, AKA If I See You In Nashville Again Watch Your Back AND Your Chest. Something about the internet just brings out the BULLSHIT in us and I still see people contesting the election results. I know, it never ends.

Anyway, back to gay marriage. Since most of my friends just think I'm awesome because I am, I decided to share some excerpts with blogland to calm down my hubris. Italic brackets are me talking to myself.

This is from a note called "What rights do gays have and who judges?"

So, I dunno if you guy [Ed: Is that a Freudian slip?] have heard but gays are back to square one in Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Florida: they can't marry in 3 states and can't adopt in 1. Again. Team America.

I know a few people who believe that gays should only have "some rights" but those "some rights" usually exclude adoption and marriage.

So what rights do gays get to have and why is it up to straight people to judge? It's almost like Almighty Whitey deciding that blacks & other whites can't marry, and even further, it's like white, christian, male landowners deciding that no one can do shit but them (except marrying other males that is).

Tell me, Facebook, do you think that gays should only have "some rights"? What rights do you think gays should have and why do you feel you should be the judge of such?

To be clear, usually when I say "a few people" I mean like maybe...a couple that I know personally and then just others that I assume think this way. It just makes my life easy.

This is from a recent one I wrote called "It's Not About YOU":


Anyway, you may have noticed that I've been harping an awful lot about Prop 8 and it's passage, and just gay rights in general. Or rather, even civil rights in general because I'm still trying to remember the point in history when we said that Americans can pick who marries who.

Even Keith Olbermann says YOU FAIL massively.

I just want to share that vid with as many people as possible because, for all his sorta-hammy acting, he's pretty right on. If you have anything contrary to say you can just fuck off, because if you think the world is going to end because X married X then I guess interracial marriage should still be illegal too?[Ed: Bahaha...ha. Wow. I inspire myself sometimes.]

Put your personal feelings and/or religious convictions aside and just listen to the man. ...[D]id you know that gay marriage is only legal in a few states? And most of those are up north anyway. Not liberal, sunny California, I mean cold-ass, isolated Massachusetts and Connecticut. Freakin NEW ENGLAND is officially killing the rest of the country in the push for civil rights. [Ed: God, I'm sorry I had to leave that in. I swear I don't have anything against New England, you're beautiful.] They're not perfect states because they let gays get married, but it shows a level of common damn sense and the realization that no, we as humans CAN NOT just walk into someone's home and split them up because homosexuality is wrong to you somehow, some way.

...'Kay, that was more of a rant than anything productive, but I guess in a way I'd like to get more of my friends to think about these things. I consider myself to hang out with a pretty diverse crown--Muslims, Catholics, Christians, bible nuts (sorry P!), whites, blacks, straights, gays, guys, gals, asians, stoners, straight-edgers, republicans, democrats, liberals; you know, I just like to get as many viewpoints as I can. And I just like most of these people. I don't want to force my opinions on them even though sometimes in my notes and blog postings and journal entries, I know I can come off kinda dogmatic like I'll kick you in the chest if you don't agree. I promise I'll only key your car!

The thing is, I'd like more of these issues to get out there and whether you agree or not I'd like for people to at least think on it rather than just following what generations did prior or what your parents do "just cuz". I'd like to break that thinking and I figure, why not start with people I actually know.

...I'm still BORED! My room mate's asleep so I don't know if TV is an option...and it's 4 in the morning anyway *pout*


  1. I 100% agree, even if people disagree, atleast having discussion on the topic is healthy.

  2. Oh yeah, that second note promoted some rather interesting conversation that I'm totally updating on.

  3. that's the best kind of activism. the 4am stuff. i think in the next couple decades these republican hog-washes will dissipate from the face of the earth. i could be wrong.


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