October 10, 2008

Xands is a Heel Ep 2: Depression & Self-punishment

Oh the foolish decisions...

Ugh. It's been a bad...night. I think I'm getting depressed or something. I'm not...happy with the things I was happy with even just a few weeks ago.

There's Youngin Down the Hall whom I actually used to get along with (until she showed herself I suppose). My room mate currently who probably just made a huge mistake that wasn't her fault that she'll never be aware of *rolls eyes* I feel...abandoned, strangely, but by who I don't know. Certainly not my parents; by these strangers? I don't know...

Not happy with classes either right now. Not the work, not the content...I just resent these classes. Not suddenly, this change is more gradual, but now I'm not happy with them...

And then there's just minor things that have probably been irking me to death for no reason that otherwise I'd just brush off.

And this is why I'm a heel, you see. I can identify the problems within myself and even come up with solutions to my problems, but I have a really REALLY hard time applying them. I go through the cycles without doing anything. I take that back, I can self-punish oddly enough. Go figure.

I made a really idiotic mistake tonight and out of sheer embarrassment and anger I decided I wouldn't sleep. This is actually good because now it means I can take a shower & eat before going to class. Of course, it's also bad because uhhhh I've officially gone nearly 24 without sleep. UHHH.

I'm a fool. Again I recognize and I make occasional changes but as a whole I don't think I give a damn about myself sometimes. And it shows. Sigh.

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