October 8, 2008

Why are you still mad, anyway?

Hold on guys, I'm going to point out some really obvious facts in a minute. Stop rolling your damn eyes!

Today, my History professor, who I'm liking more and more, said a startling thing. We were talking about the Jim Crow laws in this country and how they got started and what they did for Black people (or should I say, to black people no?). Being the southern man he is (god where the jenkins is he from?) and being the older southern man he is, he admittedly could have told us about the millions of ways Jim Crow fucked my people over and divided the nation over something so trivial as skin color.

Now, most of us know that Jim Crow = bad. But how many people can actually make the connection as to why black people are still so, well, angry to this day?

As my professor said, "And we wonder why black people are so angry...we need to wake up!"

And he's right. Thanks to years of injustice, discrimination and outright HATE, black people are still angry. We're still demanding rights & acknowledgment that we should already have. Why are black people still upset and fighting? Obvious point #1: Because of the way we've been treated, damnit.

Wow. Now isn't that a bit of an open statement? "What do you mean, 'the way you've been treated'?" you may wonder (well, not you). Well, let's admit it to ourselves, there's uh...certain groups in our country that, let's say, haven't been treated well in the past *rolls eyes* like blacks for examples. Immigrants of all sorts at one time or another. Gays, lesbians, transgendered people. Natives. Uh, I could keep going guys...

Ah, but let's take it further no? Why is _____ anyone angry in the year 2008? Why should ______ still be angry, haven't we given them what they want? Rights, apologies, flowers, money...what more does _____ want?

Why are gays so angry? Why are women angry? Why are Jews, Mexicans, Native Americans, some Christians, Chinese, whatever you like--why are they angry? Because of the way they've been treated, damnit. And even on the supposedly more positive side--why is there a _____ Month but not a _____ Month? Why do gays get parades and straights don't? I think it's...because of the way they've been treated, damn you.

You may say to yourself, "Well no shit." Like I said I'm just making some really obvious points, so obvious you may be wondering why I'm wasting precious space. You may even be giving me that "Uh really?" look--I see you over there--so...why do I bother?

A) It was a really good point and I liked that he went there, and B) You'd be surprised how many people are still startled to death when you tell them these really obvious truths. I just think of some of my friends asking me about _____ issues and I've gotten the "Why are black people so angry?" question a few times before. Then I gave THEM the "Uh really?" face and my answer is usually a snippy "Why the fuck you THINK?"

Like, seriously, I swear some people want the answer to be more complicated than it has to be. Sometimes it really is just a simple "because". I've even been asked why atheists even bother to protest like we don't deserve respect and equality just because we're "godless". To me that's like asking women why they want to work when they're just going to have kids anyway *blink* Why are we upset at that? Because of the way we've been treated, damnit. What don't you GET?

I wanted to do a bit of a finger-pointing post, I admit, but there's too many fingers to point at who did this and who is still doing that, and I've only got 20 digits (if you count toes--yeah I can point toes, can't you?) and two arms & legs. So I didn't. I figure, it's better to state my really obvious points and let them sink in. Does it always come down to "because of the way we've been treated?" No. Is it always that simple? Of course not, and I know that *shrug* Just saying...next time you see a group of gays celebrating who they are in public and you're wondering why your special self doesn't get a parade, think about it. Think about it reeeeally hard.

And those are my horribly obvious points for the night. Now if you don't mind, I have to find this Young Lady so she'll take my government census...I think they can actually ARREST me for not turning it in. Uhhhh...

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