October 8, 2008


Well I've been rockin' my tichel day in day out for the most part. Yesterday at dinner I saw Youngin from Down The Hall and I'd told her I was ordering one and today she saw it for the first time. She wants to call me "Hassie", short for Hasidic Jew. Not that I was horribly offended, but there's 3 points I need to illustrate:

1) No you may not call me "Hassie" because that's stupid as fuck
2) That wasn't as hilarious as you thought it was; no, not because we're stupid but because you aren't fucking funny
3) Speaking of you not being funny, I DON'T LIKE YOU, goodbye

There's actually a fourth point, that being--as you all may realize--I'm not Jewish. Surprise! I'm not Jewish in the least. I'm a real-live atheist and she knows this; I've already explained why I'm wearing Jewish headgear (that's what I call it, really) to her and to anyone that was just curious. Ergo, I'm not overly offended by her little pet name (which, if she likes living, I suggest she not say to me ever again). I only mention her because so far she's been the only person with anything significant (or un-significant really) to say about it. Otherwise it's been pretty uneventful. Also, I flat out do not like her. I repeat: I don't like her.

I'm a little worried about her and I think I should continue staying away from her. She doesn't seem racist so much as she just seems downright ignorant. She treats me like I'm somehow lesser than she is too, for some reason *blink* I guess it's because she's a Biochem major and I'm a lowly English major. Whatever. I hate talking to her because it seems like she goes out of her way to make me feel insecure or just randomly throw around her assumed superiority.

The scary thing is, she reminds me of how I USED to be. I wouldn't talk to anyone I thought "stupider" than I was and I'd throw around my intellectual weight. Fortunately, I realized I'm no where near Einstein's level and the reason I didn't have any good friends was because I'd pushed them away thinking I was too good for them. I look at her and I think of how I used to be that way, and I'm disgusted with her and myself.

Sigh. Smart people sure can be idiots just like the rest of us, sometimes even more so.

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