October 7, 2008

I'm so sure, guys

Uh so apparently there's yet another debate tonight *shrug* Obviously, folks, I'm not watching it. Nor did I see the mucho-hyped Palin/Biden debate. To all of these debates I say a drawn-out "Whaaateeeevveeeer."

It's just true. I do, however, usually catch the aftermath--that is, blog opinions, editorials, and just random people on campus. No shit, and I get usually wind up getting all three sides: republican, democrat, and the new category "Um".

Seriously. It's weird just sitting down to eat in the cafeteria and hearing all this political talk around you. One morning I had some gentlemen sit a few chairs away from me and they went on about Obama vs McCain. Surreal right before I hit my Sociology class.

Some people were randomly talking to me about the bailout today. I injected some input into the conversation but lately I've been under a rock and all I know is that it passed and I think it's still re-tart-ed and it won't work like they think it will. My acquaintance is a business major and we joked to him that in after a few more weeks he'll be learning how to "distribute the wealth evenly".

We talk about Ron Paul and the Tina Fey SNL clips. It's really warm conversation *rolls eyes* I was already in a sour mood for most of the week and now I'm just flat out annoyed, even though on the same coin I do like to be at least semi-informed. Sigh.

I heard people running up and down the halls screaming "WE'RE WATCHING THE DEBATE!" I've honestly never seen this kind of excitement. My mom is still bugging me about absentee voting since I won't be in my district come November (and I actually do need to go see about it). I guess we all want something relevant to talk about...

Sorry I'm all over the place with this, I haven't had much of a coherent thought since last week. I really have been in a so-so mood.

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