October 10, 2008

A car just for the ladiiiies


BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran unveils plan for women's car
Its features will include automatic transmission, parking and navigation aids and a jack for changing tyres without getting grease on your chador.

Iran's biggest car producer, Iran Khodro, says it will come in a range of feminine colours and interior designs.

Don't ask me how I stumbled on possibly one of the most random stories I've seen this month, but you know...if it weren't so damn sexist & stereotypical that'd actually be a cool idea.

A car for girls! I'm more of a bike and/or walk or die person so I don't really like (or care about) cars, but isn't that theoretically just a neat idea? "Feminine colours & interior designs". Awesome. Ergonomically curved seats yes? Free estimates on my brakes? Tell me when Charlie down at JiffyLube is bullshitting me?!

My only this is that despite what you name it or how you refer to it, cars are just...gender neutral >.> they're things! A ladies' car in theory is kind of interesting and I guess the creators might see themselves as "progressive" or something. But what would a male car look like? A regular car? Ehhh, not to sure about this one.

Oh and the "modesty" bikes down at the bottom. Wow. It's like trying to control your femininity all the way down to your transportation! Go on Iran.

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  1. Don't front - you know you want one in pink with purple faux fur seat covers ...


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