October 12, 2008

The Debit Affair

*Man From U.N.C.L.E theme*

Nah, just kidding. I watched the Avengers son!

This is LOOOONG but stay with me, it's rewarding.

Anyway, I figure I better tell about my whole debit card adventure. This happened Friday, I was very sleep-deprived and already upset.

So it begins when my roomette, who I'm in hate with right now, asks me if I want to go pick up her friend from some apartments on campus. My...room mate has a car so why she was reluctant to drive the five minutes to pick HER FRIEND up I don't know. Stupidly I say yes.

I'm walking, alone, at 2 in the morning in the fucking PITCH DARK in my pajamas and flip flops. There's some...scallywags about and I almost get hit by a car walking on the side walk (not even the first time this has happened). The grass is wet. It's dark and I don't have my glasses and I'm not sure where I'm going. About...1/3 of the way there and nearly getting hit several other times and I'm SURROUNDED by people screaming for some reason (whoo party campus), I decide I really don't like this girl that much to be doing this so I turn around.

The fun happens here.

I get back to my dorm and realize I must have left my ID in the room. Which is bad because I can't get in the building. Some fool thankfully lets me in, but I still can't get back to my room. I call room mate up and tell her to let me the fuck in. After waiting for her slow self some other young fool so happens to open the fire doors and lets me in, room mate is like half way down the hall. I give her a half-glare and we just go back to the room. I decide to stay up for the rest of the day because I'm PISSED.

Now the fun really begins.

I decide since I'll be up, I can do breakfast. It's about 6 AM so I start looking for my ID. Not to be found. I look for my debit card, also not to be found. After thirty minutes of tearing my room up I still can't find either card, and I'm on the verge of having quite a breakdown, shaking like I've got really angry DTs. I call up my mother because I at least need someone to yell at (yeah I know) and I end up going down to the first floor, getting locked out AGAIN because I still don't have my card. I get back to my room eventually and am now dying because I realize I must have dropped my cards somewhere outside on my little trip. But WHERE?

Deciding I didn't give a fuck about that, I decide to report my card missing to Bank of America and just get a new one.

MORE fun here.

BoA apparently doesn't really care about my poor debit card (no one does in this economy) so I end up with the credit card people, who continuously put me on to the debit card line, which just tells me my bank balance. After being reassured several times that no one has gone on an EBay spree with my card, I finally snap and get angry on the one person that has sense enough to patch me through to the FUCKING DEBIT PEOPLE. And this wonderful gentlemen took care of my shit and my new card should arrive sometime next week.

Now my ID card. I have to buy another and it's 10 bucks. They take checks! Oh, but the drama isn't over yet.

I angrily get dress for my next class after having to miss my 8:15 (I let the teacher know I was in a crisis beforehand) and I'm heading down the street when I hear Bobby Ray McJenkins calling me from behind.

I turn around and I recognize the really dark-skinned custodian from the 3rd floor and he recognizes me. Guess what? He found my cards. RAPTURE.

So now I have a new debit card coming and I have my old ID back. No money lost, no money gained, my mind just a wee bit fractured. And that's how a bad week got worse, then got fucked up, then got a wee un-FUBAR'd.

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