October 13, 2008

Different as a Yellow Carrot

I was looking through the numerous text messages on my phone and found something funny that I'd said (but I'm always funny while texting...no really). It was then I decided that I'm naming my 12th autobiography Different As A Yellow Carrot.

Why a yellow carrot? I think of it like this.

Carrots we see are usually orange or red-orange. In truth, there are many different kinds of carrots, some purple some white some red some yellow. To me, a yellow carrot represents something that is subtly different--as opposed to weird or just flat out strange like a purple carrot would be. I mean, would you even eat a purple carrot? I bet you wouldn't. I bet you'd Hail Mary and throw holy water at it. But a yellow carrot? Eh, not so much. You might mistake it for unripened and put it on your window sill and wait for it to turn orange--which won't happen because yellow carrots are just...yellow like that. You might even mistake it for a banana only to wonder why the fuck it tastes like a carrot and why it won't peel. You might do the same more or less to a red carrot, but red carrots look pretty much like...orange ones so that's why it's "yellow carrot" and not "red carrot".

I'm downloading a movie called the Intruder, another pre-Trek (well, pre-anything really) Shatner flick that I was thinking of buying, only to realize this shit is public domain. Yes! Screen caps maybe? I really am curing my Star Trek addiction. I'm pretty sure I talked about this before in my Incubus review, somewhere. It's a Corman movie about racial integration in a small, Southern town so you know this doesn't bode well. If you're actually curious it's here on the Internet Archive or if you don't feel like fucking around with Quicktime you can Youtube-search it.

Good stuff...Shatner is killin' deez non-acting hos wif his notorious pussy-get skills and pretty decent acting *rolls eyes* You better act, bitch! I love watching the dubious pre- and post-Trek decisions made by the Enterprise crew, it's funny as HELL.

I'm also working on a research paper that right now is focusing on religion's role in medicinal practices--something to that effect. I'm gathering sources right now, I need 15 by Wednesday. Leave it to me to pick the most abstract paper ever to even begin with. How the hell do I narrow this down? I also kinda resent the fact that so far most of my sources seem to focus on Christianity--I don't resent the Christianity part, I just wish I could broaden it more. I've tried, actually, and its only been working within the past hour but I've found some interesting stuff. I also want more than a strictly Western US WASP (yeah I said it) perspective on religion and its impact on medicine--can you believe I've only gotten like...3 decent articles on Judaism & Islam? Come oooon. Work for me, Google, since I probably won't make it to the city library in time. Do it!

*pulls on curls* Booo. This so-called Fall Break went by way too fast--in fact, technically it's over for me even though it doesn't end until Tuesday. Why is it over for me? I didn't have classes on Tuesday in the first place ~_~

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