October 24, 2008

When Obama supporters attack! Or not.

I'm on a posting roll today!

Basically, if you haven't heard this story, a white woman claims she was robbed and attacked by a rabid black Obama supporter after he saw her McCain/Palin sticker.

WARNING: I may use...racist language. I might. I don't know yet.

Woman admits making up attack linked to McCain sticker, police say
A woman who told police she was assaulted by a man angered about a John McCain bumper sticker on her car admitted she made up the report, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, assistant police chief said Friday.

You're welcome to read the whole story actually. But I'm going to tell you how I knew this shit was false almost immediately.

A) Let's examine her foto. I swear to you, the first thing I noticed was the B was backwards. BACKWARDS. If someone is carving your face, they are theoretically positioned at an angle in which they can carve it the right way unless you have the illiterate criminal. What I'm saying is, it looks like she did it in a frackin' mirror.

And let's examine her eyes. I'm going to pull out the To Kill A Mockingbird defense and say it looks like she got hit by a right handed person and if she's...okay scratch that, I'm more focused on the backwards B.

B) Her story. It doesn't add up. It almost does and then it doesn't again. I just want to know, the guy that's robbing you, why is he stopping to beat you for your political leanings? Most criminals hit and run from what I understand--I mean, I'm not an expert, but when I'm robbing you (for $60 no less) the last thing I'm going to do is stop and lecture you on freaking politics. That and she kinda refused medical attention. Doesn't she look injured to you? A little. Why did she put off the doctor's date I wonder?

C) The description. A 6'4" black dude with shiny shoes. Uhhh. He was sitting on your chest girl. Is that all you could do? You know who else did this? Susan Smith. That's right, I went there.

Now I am confused. This poor woman went through all this effort to pin the attack on a random Obama supporter only to give up the ghost fairly quickly. Although, if you read this story, their explanation of her being a wee loco begins to make a bit of sense, doesn't it.

Do you think this will dent the McCain Train any more? I dunno. I just want to know where the Lunatics for Obama are. Equality!

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  1. The things that caught my eye were not only the reverse image of the "B", but also how perfectly straight it was. I'm sorry, but if a dude was cutting on my face, I'd be thrashing like a fish. That "B" would look more like Harry Potter's scar.

    And isn't it interesting that her "black eye" isn't swollen in the least? Can you say eye shadow? Bitch, please! You ain't fooling nobody!

    Funny how the crazies all seem to gravitate to McCain-Palin.


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