October 24, 2008

About the survey you just took...

If you didn't see it, somehow, I posted up a survey for my English class. If you'd like you're still welcome to take the survey, what I'm about to tell you won't skew the results or anything...

First off I'd like to thank everyone that answered, for answering! And if you didn't answer...well...I still like you.

If my intro to it put you off I'm sorry :P I posted it to Livejournal first I have no patience for that place anymore so that's what happens when you fuck with me too often--you get PUNCHED IN THE EYE.

All that aside, let me tell you exactly what this is for. In my English class I'll be working on a research paper for the rest of the semester. As you may have garnered it's got something to do with religion/spirituality and medicine right? Close.

The purpose of the survey was to explore my options. Unfortunately at that time I'd not yet narrowed my topic down to something concrete. The survey questions were composed of all the paths my research took--looking at alternative medicines, prayer, religion as a mental illness, etc. Everything I asked, I researched. I know right.

I wanted to judge reactions to figure out which path I'd go down. What would be more interesting? What would I be able to successfully argue? Would I be able to get behind this? What people are behind this option? I had a very awesome 9th grade English honors teacher that told the class, even if you don't agree with the argument, if you can write it do it. And that certainly is time-saving advice if slightly...unethical in a way. To me.

So I put the survey up on Facebook, LJ, and here because I know you guys (and even if I don't that's okay) and I wanted to see your answers to help me along with my paper. I'm not going to use anyone's answers as quotes and as far as I'm concerned you're all technically anonymous so you're not party to any plagiarism. I don't think. I decided early on that I'm a little tired of the "let's keep religion out of medicine!" because frankly there are other options to go over, and judging from the answers I've gotten I'd say the lot of you say the same. So I know it's a little weird but again thanks to everyone that answered, you've saved my ass and maybe my grade. As for what I actually decided to go with, I'm going to look more into usage of alternative/traditional medicine in complement with modern cures. This takes all that silly religious element out because if I focus on that there will BE no paper. Y'all know me...

This also works much better because I have to do a proposal in December. A proposal for...research. As you can see, it never ends.

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