October 18, 2008

Sailor Radicaaaalllss...?

Bahahaha. I've been wondering for a couple of days if I should elaborate here on a joke a friend and I made like a few weeks ago. Wondering because it was a joke (and a long running one at that) but at the same time it was kind of an interesting idea. Or...well, at least a joke I took too seriously while still remaining in good humor. So I think I'll explain and we can all laugh.

So...did anyone else rock the show Sailor Moon way back when? I took it one step further and immersed myself in the manga because the drawing was so much more beautiful, I didn't have to hear the annoying dub voices and some of the stories actually made more sense.

Sailor Moon has just become this...cultural thing. A good role model for girls (well, not really the anime) that you too can wear a skirt and heels, and pop open a can of whoop ass. Onto the joke me and a friend made, I...don't really know why or where, probably in my sleep deprivation, I some how came up with the idea of a Sailor Black Radical Feminist *blink* And he threw in Virulence Boy for the sake of doing it. We snickered and giggled then the next day I decided...why don't I DRAW this?!

You may not remember but I used to draw a bit :P and I've really been out of practice so I figure a few quick sketches would be fun. And it was. Then I did...more. Then...more. Then I started thinking up a back story. Weapons, all the shit that goes along with being a pretty soldier. Fast forward to a week later I'm thinking about adding to the army. Why not? Progress Soliders (not scouts damnit) eh? Eh? I randomly added Sailor Liberal Ally and that's when I started thinking about adding more. Creating is fun :D

So, if you're not comatose, I really did go through the "basic" form, then Super then Eternal (if you watched the show/read the manga you can groan now). And now for why I think myself so profound:

Sailor Black Radical Feminist, in her basic form, was a normal girl named Letitia. Letitia, like myself, was usually happy to vanish into the crowd and just be in her own little world, not thinking much of what others said or thought of her. Intelligent girl. Then one day through random Deus Ex Machina powers, she awakes to her femininity and inner strength; outraged by injustices against women & blacks world wide she becomes...Sailor Black Feminist! She's dressed a bit like a punk, with fingerless gloves & moccasins, some "stereotypical" black items like the door knocker earrings & the pick and a black pride fist on her outfit with a couple of gender-symbols. Her main weapon is the pick (nyah) and her main attack is Channel Two News...in which she beats your ass so badly you wind up on Channel 2 News.

Later, through more self-awakenings & education, Sailor BRF ponders a change and morphs into Sailor Black Feminist. No longer the punky Chan 2 News radical she's a bit more mature, her costume is rid of some of the gender symbols & black power paraphernalia for a more unified look even though she's still got the fingerless gloves and has traded her moccasins for flip-flops (my friend Daniel asked me why and I said "Why not?"). Unfortunately she's a bit more cocky but easily influenced by various ideals. Her pick has grown into a full-sized weapon & her new attack is "Native Hum" which paralyzes her enemies.

And finally, Sailor BF goes through a period of meditation and finally comes to a deep understanding about herself and the people around her; this is how she morphs into her final (good lord) form, Sailor Womanist :D most of her sailor trappings gone she wears a crown of pearls & wears a flowing dress, no shoes, and has a female-gender symbol shaped wand. And... a cape. Her main attack is "Peaceable Understanding".

I haven't quite figured out Virulence Boy and how he's going to evolve. Sailor Liberal Ally I think is kind of funny. Trina is blond, overly-eager and overly-anxious to "support the cause" but she usually falls short of totally understanding, although she is a pretty intelligent woman. She just can't see through her own privilege & race. She transforms into Sailor Liberal Ally to banish injustice where she "perceives" it. She looks very different from Sailor BRF, wearing a short tube top with her collar attached, a skirt and round rings on her ankles, wrists & neck. Her main attacks involve a small set of scrolls with the word "EXCUSE" written on them to make her enemies see the error of their ways.

Later, Sailor Lib Ally undergoes a drastic change in which she becomes Sailor Radical Mystique & her costume looks more like Sailor BRF's. After that she undergoes another transition but I'm still pondering...

Sigh. I've had so many slightly depressive entries I figure we all needed some cheer :P how the hell do I ever get anything done in the day anyhow? *daydream daydream*

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