October 19, 2008

When the melancholy fit shall fall

You know, I still remember Ode on Melancholy by John Keating. I remember it, maybe, because of how much it kicked my ass when I tried to...understand it, I suppose, and answer the little multiple choice questions *rolls eyes* I got...attached to it after correcting...not necessarily all the melancholy but just the general tone and imagery.

Well. My mother came to visit for the week end and my spirits were indeed uplifted. I'm hoping this week will be a good one because I have more than just classes to occupy me; it's home coming weekend so that means there are many fun things to do on campus that I might be able to partake in...if I don't have a lot of work. I have two papers due on the morrow, joy.

So...hopefully more to keep me from being as morose as I've been. I've discovered that I kinda suck at hiding my emotions as much as I'd like to thing I've Mastered it. Vulcan I am not. Depending on who you ask I'm either like an open book or see-through like clear Saran wrap *blink* It took me years to admit it...

I have so many things to say. I want to talk about the poetry slam, how overwhelmed I feel, watching good movies, my new TV; I've wanted to talk about everything but it's been a little frustrating to start typing and just literally feel myself sinking, the energy ebbing and my will slipping...on top of that, I'm afraid I might actually be PMSing. Afraid because if I am, this will mark my SECOND period in one month. This...actually may be a sign that it's finally regulating again or it might just skip over to next month (I PMS for about 2-3 weeks. Believe it).

Sigh. I can't wait to have breakfast so I can come back and just sleep until the afternoon...or maybe I should just sleep now, I'm not really hungry...

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