October 30, 2008

All aboooooard! The Midnight Meat Train

I have to admit, I haven't really gotten to see many Halloween movies for it being Halloween and what not. Well, you know AMC does the horror movies and they did it this year in collab with FearNet, which is an abomination to some and less so to others.

FearNet.com, however, just got awesome for their free showing of Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train, a movie adaptation of the short story by the same name, from the Books of Blood anthology. I know that sounds like a bad porno but I assure you it's quite terrifying. Fantastic! You may not have kept up with the story but Barker got shafted big time by Lionsgate films and they decided before the movie even premiered that it wouldn't do well, so they only released it to a few theatres, a few being...eh, I guess less than a thousand in this case. It wasn't a worldwide premier let's say and there were plenty of people anticipating it! What a shame.

So, fast forward a bit and hear it is. The story is about Leon Kaufman, a young man disillusioned with his current city of residence, New York. There's been a string of subway murders recently and Leon gets caught up in the massacre when he finds himself taking a strange trip *dun dun dun*

The movie, from what I can remember of the short story (which is sad because it's right there in front of me now) is pretty different. In the movie Leon is a photographer who likes to take pictures of dying people. If you've ever seen the film Ab-normal Beauty, a nice piece of Asian cinema, and lo-and-behold this director hails from Japan.

Anyway, I'm not done watching it quite even though I could pretty much tell you the ending anyway. It's insane, but I won't! It's so gory but I'm a little disappointed by the gore because it's mostly CGI. The bright-red computerized blood really clashes against the dark movie. There's some really good color going on with the yellows and reds and blues by the way. Real artistic :D the effects are great too (eye ball pop action!)

Now all I need is for my laptop sound to be not shite...

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