October 30, 2008

What the fuck is femininty?

My room mate kind of irritates me with her concerns about her "femininity". She is a bit of a tomboy I'll admit, but what exactly is wrong with that? *blink* I remember I used to be concerned about my femininity but I gave it up when I figured that being female in general made me a girl (biologically at least, I mean I could go on about that but I won't right now).

Anyway, it's...annoying. She wants perfume that makes her smell like a woman--I ask, what exactly does a woman smell like? She wants to wear clothes that make her more girly. And yadda yadda yadda. It just makes my eyes roll. Even now she's going to the mall and trying to figure out what smells better on her.


It's not that I don't put any effort into my appearance but damn. She's worried about her hair and her clothes and her scent and I'm just thinking, who exactly is she trying to attract and why? I can't tell her what to do with herself, of course, because it's her body and her self-esteem and also because she doesn't listen to me ~_~

Oh well. We obviously have different philosophies and different views--me, I put effort if I'm going anywhere in particular, she seems to want to make an impression everywhere. We have different views on what femininity is and that's fine I guess, even if it annoys me to no end. I guess maybe I'm the "tomboy" here and she isn't...ugh.

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