September 2, 2008

Your hurricane pregnancy

Um, the news got funny again I guess. I do mean "lol" funny btw. Between Hurricane Freak Out 08--The Gustav Edition and the political...tripe going on, I'm confused so I started laughing.

Alright, I'm not really laughing about the hurricane, that's kinda not funny. But this whole thing about Sara Palin and her forthcoming ill-grandchil is really distracting. So distracting I!

Oh, in case you haven't heard, Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant and she's apparently getting the shotgun wedding too. Like Barack Obama said, big damn deal. To me, she's one in a billion teen girls opening their legs and trading penis for child. That is to say in a school environment, she's a pregnant teen and I really don't care. That's what happens when your sex-ed fact, that's what happens when you have the best sex-ed in the 7 Seas--er, continents, whatever.

What does freak me out is that apparently, besides her family, other people DO care and are making her out to be this heroic lil lady or some kind of hypocritical whore with an agenda...? Eh? She's just having a baby, eesh. When was the last time that happened? I mean, I could go on and on about the conspiracy theories but I've been done with politics for a while. Although, the girl's timing (or rather, her mother's timing) is great and just makes this farce of an election eeeven better. It's entertaining, you should all totally read up on it. But don't look at it too long, you'll forget to eat.

Okay, so I'm done talking about how much I don't care about all that. I can't really say too much about Hurricane Gustav other than it's timing is also great. And I mean that in a wholly sarcastic way. Wow, some VP's daughter is pregnant, the Republican Convention and a damn HURRICANE. What the hell? Is it global warming? Is it god? Is it nature getting pissed at the States and all the other islands in the way? Or is it just sheer coincidence that I'd laugh at if it weren't so damn tragic?!

Sometimes, I kinda wish I were religious just so I'd have something relating to the Bible to say about this. Like a mini-Noah's Ark without the animals. But I'm not...damn.


  1. LMAO @ a mini Noah's Ark without the animals! I posted something similar today. LOL.

  2. Yeah I saw yours before I wrote mine up, I just chose not to give you credit because...because you don't deserve it!!111


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