September 3, 2008

A brief note,

But hey, Don LaFontaine died :/

"Who?" you say. Oh shut up you know who it is, it's the movie voice-over guy! You've heard him all your life. He sang your damn lullabies, not momma. He fixed your light bulbs, not daddy. When you read a movie tagline that's HIS voice you hear. And he's in a Geico commercial doing...the movie voice!

Boo ;_; he better have some deep voiced daughters or something...yes, this news made me sad, shut the hell up.

My ethernet thing came, I have some...thought-provoking posts to make.

*pets laptop* Yessss preciiioous...I've gotta record myself doing "Mum-Ra".


Edyt: Boo, I lied it doesn't get here until next week. My PO box, it looked so empty and then I read the tracking order. Walmart is some punks man.


*gets out money for the bus* I may need to get some divine assistance from Western Union up in here...

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