September 16, 2008

Yay, tomorrow's the day!

Yeah, tomorrow's the big tutoring day! I'm making some last minute preps right now since I found out my transportation wasn't going to be as easy as I'd hoped... XD 7 minutes in a CAR, not by foot. Damnit, I told these people I don't drive!

Oh. I don't drive btw, I don't know if you knew that. You may be thinking, "Wow I hope you have lots of friends that do." and I DO, the ride isn't actually that long in a car. I just have friends in classes that day too ;_; Its a good thing my legs is skrong. I could manhandle a kangaroo pretty well.

Huh, now that I think about it, 40 minutes walking but I may be able to cut that time biking. I'll still ask around... Ahh still making flash cards too! And I need to go pick up a book because mine are *coughahem* too difficult for the young minds...eee I'm so nervous! And I've got English homework on top--the...almost irony. My life can't be this hectic one day a week! Someone, get me the ice pack *descends*

Edyt: Oh hell, it sounds like my job might be in jeopardy >.> I got a call from the Head of the programming because I'm only getting 2 hours of work (yes, 2 hours) and she was prodding about whether I wanted another job or not...

Bleh! I know I'm only getting 2 hours, I filled the sheet out! If I wanted to quit I would have after I called the school!

The thing is I'm supposed to get at least 6 *shrug* So my 2 hours worked plus training which I get paid for, I'll be getting 4 hours about. kinda sad, but I'm not exactly living off the pay from this. Uh, it's actually going towards paying for school in addition to the other scholarship money I have.

But I'm getting to actually keep my job, since it'd be stupid if I quit now...give me some credit, guys *rolls eyes*

This Post Was Brought To You by Righteous Anger.

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