September 15, 2008

Don't make me keep it REAL on you...

*rolls eyes up, then drags them slowly under her lids to the immediate right; squints, the corners of her mouth tug into a deep frown expressing great displeasure*

No really, I will.

I think "keeping it real" is one of those woefully overused expressions, which sucks because there's so much truth in those three words. Keep it real. Don't be fake. Tell the facts.

I have a problem with keeping it real. There has to be extremes--keeping it "unreal", as in fake I guess, then keeping it too real (yeah go on, think Dave Chappelle). I'm more on the other side of the spectrum, that is to say sometimes I think I keep it TOO real.

Let me explain. I have no fuse on my temper-bomb. This means I can be pretty jovial most of the time but when I get mad I usually drop directing into "seething rage". And it actually GROWS from there. Especially when it's issues I'm not particularly happy about with anyway--like, oh, race. Sexuality. Gender. My money. Bands. Books. All kinds of things.

So, I guess I'm a bit of an angry black woman. But where I get in trouble is usually keeping it real. If you force me I will occasionally (read: often) go off the deep end and one of us will be crying by the time I'm done--and I don't have tear ducts. I might even threaten to choke slam you *shrug*

I bring this up because of a brief one-sided discussion I had with a young lady in my women's studies class. This was over the internet by the way--anyway, she brought up the most tired issue in the world: why do black people get "special" things (my phrase, not hers) such as...our own channels. Like BET.

*groans & shouting commence*

Yes, yes, I's a dead horse. But don't forget, I'm in Appalachia. So maybe she still thinks people watch BET. Whatever. I laid down as gently as I could despite I was kinda pissed.

So, would people get up in arms if there was a White Entertainment Television? I really don't think so. I know America is behind and shit but come on, there's got to be a stopping point. Would I get upset if I saw a "White STARZ" as opposed to "Black STARZ" movie channel? Nooo. I would go on with my day.

It sounded like she was more offended than anything. She claims that if she were African-American she would be offended by these stations--and that's why you aren't on our fucking team, girl, we don't need people like you getting mad at every lil' thing.

So I explained to this dear child why, or why I feel why (I swear I'm an english major), these channels exist. My real answer is, "And you care why?" but in so many words I reminded her that if society would give minorities their due (I'm throwing women in this by the way, too), then there wouldn't be the need to have these channels, these months, these days, hopefully celebrating X's culture. This is my truth and that's how I kept it real. I'm sorry if that's not your truth--well, not really sorry...

That's actually not a lot of people's truth, for some reason. People still feel like blacks, hispanics, whatever are being given some special treatment. Hell, why not I say *shrug* Fine, you want some more truth? I told my mommy this so it's okay...

Where's our White History Month? Every other month.
Where's my WET? Every other station.
Where's my privileges? Got 'em.
Where's my special treatment? Got 'em, always had 'em.

Whew. I need to stop getting mad at white people for no reason. I was doing so well! I don't hate them at all! I swear. Not even a small percentage of them. I just like to..."correct" certain individuals, that's all :/ I do this for everyone with "misconceptions"...I'll have to talk more about this.

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  1. see...if we don't throw our arms up in the air (like we just don't care, Yey, j/k) when we see things we feel are objectionable, then i guess that would make us enablers. you know i'm saying? although we - minorities - get too sensitive sometimes, i think it's crucial that we call those items out and let them know - even though it won't change - that we have a dislike for them. besides, i would have no one to vilify and my existence - and yours - would be less interesting as sad as it sounds. i might be getting a little ahead of myself, but i think it validates our existence - bloggers and other alternative media.

    as far as keeping it too real, there's no room for that on the air waves because we would be going around in circles about insensitivity issues. that's why i love hbo and bloggers that talk real shit that might not mean nothing to some person of privilege, but that shit is golden to me (and you).


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