September 14, 2008

"Stop hanging out with these no-ball pussies!"

I put my dad on blast, I suppose it's only right I put mom out too! I'm doing this one for a reason though, bear with me :P

WARNING: Probably TMI, righteous anger, etc

Anyhow, I guess since I was about 7 my mom has been into interracial dating. For a looong while she was exclusively for white guys *rolls eyes* and to be honest I never had a problem even though her family did for some reason (uh, she's a grown ass woman?). I still don't have a problem with her dating any race she damn well pleases. I support it in fact.

What I have always had a problem with, however, are these ball-less, commit-o-phobic pussy fools (damnit I want to say "niggas" so bad) she tends to attract. The ones that usually just want "friendship" between finding white women to date. And it never fails, they'll find some other chick and just stop talking to her. Massa can't let the town know he been foolin' round with the slaves right?

Alright, that comment was kinda uncalled for I admit. I'm not totally sorry for it though...I don't understand what it is with these men. My mom's good to bed down & "talk" to and you've got no problem throwing all your shit on her like she's YOUR damn mother; you can ask her to "send me away" somewhere so you can have private time with mommy and disrespect the both of us, but when it's time to be a grown ass man about your relationship, suddenly you vanish.

I have to admit this probably contributed to my extreme distrust of white people, watching my mother get treated this way over and over. But after a while mom became unexclusive, so to speak, and I found out that there's a lot of men in a lot of races that act in this cowardly way. Black, Spanish, White...whatever. Mom just attracts the jerks.

I can't necessarily not put any blame on Mom herself because, unfortunately, until very recently she was content to weather this kind of foolishness from her "friends". And I didn't understand why. Over the years I've given her plenty of "real talks" about the fact that she attracts nothing but losers--not even just intimate relationship-wise, but in general. Seriously. She's a magnet for white guys--married or otherwise--to just use her up and throw her away and I think she was desperate enough to just take it for a long time, and that really hurt me too.

Of course, attitudes change--except mine and these men. Mom's gotten more militant about who she accepts, I stay militant on who I want to beat the fuck up. These men stay pathetic-ass losers and fools. This morning she told me about one of her good friends that suddenly stopped talking to her because he had a girlfriend. And that's mainly what set me off on her and this post. It's just something I need to address...*shrug* Plus, I couldn't believe it. But she seemed to have the right "and fuck him too!" attitude about it but seriously. When and if he breaks up with his lady friend he'll probably suddenly be back on mommy's doorstep like the loser he is. Fuckin' punk bitches.

And I'm done. I don't hate men btw, just fools that fuck with my mama :D

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