September 18, 2008

Oh what a relief...tee-hee

Tutoring went really well yesterday. But don't take it from me, here's some copy-pasta!


Alright, so naturally I have a harrowing story for you all. Let's sum up the week nicely

-Chik-fil-a guy?!
-I wound up tutoring in...Spanish *blink*
-I can't play pool
-I'm broke
-I'm stressed
-I'm about four papers behind in my Women's Studies (believe it)

And now I'll tell you about my adventures in...tutoring.

So, I don't drive so I rented a bike instead. The session starts at 3:30 PM but I left with plenty of time to get lost--which I promptly did. I spat fire from the tires racing down this vast campus of ours, passing buildings I didn't know existed. Creepy houses. Finally I get to University Pkwy but I need to get to pine street, and lo and be hold I rode to it.

On Pine St it got...bizarre. I was in the whitest residential section you've ever seen--even the fucking houses were bright. HOW DID I GET IN SUBURBIA?

I just knew I was lost. I rode around the cul-de sac, talking to my mom on the cellphone in my best gangsta pose (I had the blue scarf too), until I found an entrance and some how found myself IN FRONT of the school a few miles away on State of Franklin (what the hell is up with these street names btw). So I found some kindly souls in front of a hipster clothing store and asked them where the fuck I am. Fortunately the guy told me the way, but...I circled back to the cul-de-sac where I was! WHA?!

So I finally had enough of this runaround and called the damn school (don't bike and call kids). Turns out I'd missed it about fifty-leven times and it isn't that far from the school at all. Success!

The session went well btw. I had a pretty cool girl--let's call her Daedala--and I can't really tell you much about her except she's...a little like me. And we both kinda wanted to draw the whole time XD fuck math homework...

Btw, these elementary/middle school textbooks are so freaking hard. And no answer keys! I know there's temptation to cheat but what if you genuinely want to check your answers? Y'all district suck.

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