September 18, 2008

William Shatner IN...Incubus

Wow, do you know how I've been dying without my precious cinema obscuro?

If all goes well I may have a version of the movie Incubus, featuring an inexplicably Esperanto-speaking William Shatner. Beyond that sole reason, this movie could either be hilarious or effective. Or effectively hilarious and any variation thereof I suppose.

And pray to Ra for subtitles, have mercy.

It's obviously really slow-downloading...and its on Amazon for like 5 dollars (plus shipping of course) so if this doesn't work out I might just buy the damn thing.

I'm warning you though, give him something to work with and Shatner can act his ass off *shrug* Firm believer. But yeah, this is guaranteed to have me cracking something awful.

Bleh, my download didn't work out...oh well, I bought the damn thing. What? $7 off Amazon, used. It's time I supported the economy right? I do have some more nefarious activities in mind though, and I should tell you soon...not too soon though, it involves one of my favorite authors and his spirit is going to beat my ASS for this.

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