September 18, 2008

Something new to get gully about: "Nice" gays

I think I need to stop getting militant on race for...oh, maybe a day or two? :P and pick on something else for good measure...

Have you ever had a conversation like this?

"So there's this lesbian in my class--but she's so nice and cool!"

Or this:

"The gay people I know are usually the nicest people..."

Or this variant:

"Gay guys? They're the sweetest people I know!"

Yeah, I've had conversations/discussions similar to those over the years and I had a thought today: why is it that people jump so fast to call gays "nice" or "friendly"? Isn't that...weird?

"What the fuck, Xands?" you may say. "Now you're mad at people for being nice? What's your damn problem? You are one paranoid mofo."

Well, I'll give you that, I'm paranoid as Hell. But seriously, have you ever wondered that? Why are there some people to jump on the "I <3 gays!" train? It might just be my experience, frankly, I mean I do live in the South. I think it's a really fake attempt to look more "open-minded" because on a few of those occasions those "Oh yeah gays are so nice!" lines is either preceded by "I'm not gay, but..." or followed by "Even if I don't agree with their lifestyle."

Or something like that. Like I said, perhaps its just my experience. Perhaps I'm so paranoid about insincerity these days anything and everything starts looking like a low-blow, right? But it makes me think of the Boogieman image gays have: pedophiles, perverts, sinners, evil, adulterers...stupid shit like that. It brings that to mind and I wonder if that's why people are so quick to praise. It's kind of hard to explain...especially since I'm just now wondering why that's so.

So...I'm not exactly planning on getting hardcore on people and challenging their every belief until they break down in tears (well, not like I do with other things). I'm curious about it though, the quick jumpy reaction to "oh s/he's so nice". I was thinking about getting more...snarky with it, I guess, if it ever comes up again.

But naturally, now that I've actually sort of questioned it, it may never happen again :P pfft, it's my luck.

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