September 19, 2008


Ah, today while rolling on my tiny bed, fighting for dominance with the laptop, I had a thought about Self Publishing.

Now, I think about self-publishing once every other month. Seriously. It flits in my mind and goes away. I kinda self-publish, in a way, in my blog when I can be bothered; I just don't make money off it :P I wish. But anyway, I guess it's time for me to think about it again, so I found this nice list of some of the pros & cons of self publishing.

To be honest, I think I've only ever considered self-publishing a few times in my life--well, my serious writing career. Okay, so it's only been like 3-4 years. If I ever did, I honestly would just do it for fun. Yes, fun. Not seriously. I've never expected to make the big bucks off self-publishing (or writing in general really) and I don't think many people who do it would. Well, I hope I'm not overgeneralizing there anyway.

So yeah, I'd self-publish just for kicks. I was looking at and I think that's what made the idea pop into my head again, for this month. I'd still like to do it in the future...there's just something about seeing a piece you wrote in print and seeing other people reading it and even if it's a "" reaction it's just so thrilling. I feel the same way about my art, whenever someone critiques or praises it or just goes, "Well that's interesting". Eh, but I'd have to do it when the time is right...or I find something of mine freaking publish-worthy.

Speaking of publishing, the campus literary/art mag! I totally have something to submit to it...or rather, somethings. I just gotta get unburied from work damnit...

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