September 9, 2008

Why Danz is my best buddy ever AKA Look on him and despair

This AIM discussion highlights, mostly, why Danz and I have stayed friends for so long. Part of the reason anyway.

One phrase: Real ass grown folk talk.

I know it's really long and you're probably like "WTF I AIN'T READIN ALL DAT" and it's okay...I'm not hurt. This is all basically to my response of how I'd feel if I were to suddenly become a man. I just wanted to share :D

He's alright with me using his AIM address btw, but don't harass my brother :/

Renalexandros: but really
Renalexandros (12:53:20 AM): being a black man means I get basically no "privileges" except male privilege
Renalexandros (12:53:38 AM): which means I'd get all the advantages that black and some white women don't
Renalexandros (12:53:47 AM): with the benefit of a potentially short lifespan
Renalexandros (12:54:25 AM): ergo, to me being male wouldn't be much of a jump beside having a penis and smaller boobs. And I might get to be a jerk to women in public
Renalexandros (12:55:12 AM): being a black man, I also get to be emotionally insecure and probably unable to maintain a long term relationship but with the benefit of having some legitimate excuse: the woman
Renalexandros (12:56:00 AM): obviously the black woman isn't good enough; if I'm still attractive, I get the benefit of picking up low level white women. I also get racial profiling by the cops, followed around in Wal-Mart and having my name & image dragged through mud
Renalexandros (12:56:13 AM): too much real talk?
Animedan0 (12:56:27 AM): no, we don't do this often, it's fine
Renalexandros (12:56:48 AM): lawl
Animedan0 (12:56:51 AM): i never get to know
Animedan0 (12:56:55 AM): you know?
Renalexandros (12:56:58 AM):
Animedan0 (12:57:46 AM): we don't usually have serious discussions about race and gender and other things that people usually don't discuss for the reason that they can be so divisive
Renalexandros (12:57:52 AM): lawl
Renalexandros (12:57:59 AM): you know I don't care about being divisive
Renalexandros (12:58:01 AM): not anymore
Animedan0 (12:58:41 AM): well, no. that isn't why we don't talk about it
Renalexandros (12:58:45 AM): oh I know
Renalexandros (12:58:49 AM): for one thing it doesn't come up
Animedan0 (12:58:53 AM): exactly
Renalexandros (12:58:55 AM): and I'm actually kind of thankful
Renalexandros (12:59:00 AM): because to you I can talk
Renalexandros (12:59:04 AM): and have this real talk
Renalexandros (12:59:26 AM): but to others that apparently don't want to hear the truth--and they know it's the truth--I either get patronized or outright denied
Animedan0 (12:59:45 AM): like "well, you got affirmative action, isn't that good?"
Renalexandros (12:59:53 AM): and I'm tired of losing friends over stupid shit
Renalexandros (12:59:53 AM): or
Renalexandros (1:00:05 AM): "Hey, if you want to end racism you should work with white people and meet us half way!"
Animedan0 (1:00:10 AM): yeah
Renalexandros (1:00:13 AM): if you don't want the truth stop talking to me
Renalexandros (1:00:16 AM): simple as that :P
Animedan0 (1:00:20 AM): *snicker*
Renalexandros (1:00:25 AM): if you want to CONTEST the truth
Renalexandros (1:00:31 AM): and it's always about racial issues for some reason
Renalexandros (1:00:41 AM): why do white people want to tell me I'm wrong or act confused?
Animedan0 (1:04:32 AM): i don't know. i feel like i don't really belong to that race. i mean, i'm sure i have propensities that are "typical" of being white, in a purely statistical sense, but i don't look at myself and think "white" the same way i don't look at anyone else and think "black" it's just a fact, it's not a perception of whiteness or blackness or asianness or hispanicness, you are a particular race but that doesn't define you as a person, it defines you as a statistic.
Animedan0 (1:04:54 AM): and people get so hung up on these things. i'm not saying that it doesn't matter, because it does, i'm just saying that in general, humankind has always had difficulty separating the humanity from the human
Animedan0 (1:05:26 AM): and it's sad
Renalexandros (1:06:28 AM): it's more like bordering pathetic
Renalexandros (1:06:33 AM): and it makes me ill
Animedan0 (1:10:07 AM): right. which is another issue, that if you don't know it, you can't know it, you can't experience subjugation or marginalization if you aren't already
Animedan0 (1:10:07 AM): i mean, white people are discriminated against in select few places around the globe, and it is almost never to the degree that it is when it's the other way around
Animedan0 (1:10:07 AM): and people who complain about the need for a "White History Month" or an "All-White Fraternity" or "White Entertainment Television" are completely aout of touch with reality
Animedan0 (1:10:08 AM): i mean, really. are they jealous? have they not taken history classes?
Animedan0 (1:10:32 AM): ?

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