September 9, 2008

Oh damn these illusions of grandeur!

So it's 2:15 and it looks dark as Hell is hot and humid outside because I think it's raining again. It doesn't get that cloudy for no reason!

But anyway, okay so Johnson City obviously isn't the mecca I thought it was. That is, ETSU is still the shit but JC is still racist ass redneck gay hatin' TN-proper and I'm trying not to forget. I grow weary of the Souf.

Anyway, I was reading a news story in the local paper about how some straight dudes decided to barge into a gay nightclub and beat up a couple of gay guys. Three of 'em. Uh, the article didn't say why this happened and I'm assuming there was mass amounts of liquor involved. The article was exploring the word "hate" and using this incident as an example. For starters, the incident is being reported as mere "assault" (which it was) rather than a hate crime, which it also is.

The article seemed so damn cynical too, comparing hate to the flu; you can cure it but it just comes back stronger & different every year. That's pretty depressing. And it makes references to Katy Perry's song and how it's okay for girls to kiss other girls but guys can't show affection to each other.

We also discussed a little of that in my women's studies class. In America it's okay for women to show affection but men can't even hug without being stared at. Why the high masculinity? In other western countries and even eastern countries, brothers hug, men cry on each other and it's just that. You aren't suddenly gay or less than a man. Hell, if you have the balls to admit your emotions and cry on your brother's shoulder you're probably more manly than that faker next to you just standing there.

We talked about how men die sooner of stress issues; how stressed they must be having to deal with all these "societal norms". Doctors will tell you it isn't good for you so why all the macho?

But back to JC for a minute. The point of this is, it kinda woke me up from my little daydream that I was in this awesome place where hate didn't exist--and yeah I actually believed that for a minute--but I forgot...I'm in a great school with great PEOPLE and there's fewer shootings up here. But they're still here. There's still pedophiles (no really), there's still gangs, there's still guns, and there's still hate. Not much else has changed and I can't lull myself into forgetting that.

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