September 9, 2008


That was too easy.

I finally downloaded the FreeMind software! Yay me! And I haven't left the library in an hour. They will close on me. Buttons!

I don't think I've ever actually tried "mind mapping". I used to hate brainstorming when I was a kid because it was for pussies and I was too awesome (check out my elementary school ego!). I'm not even kidding when I say that by the way, I seriously had an ego when I was a kid. Everyone does, but I went beyond normal "bratty & spoiled" and straight to "MWAHAHAHA I'M SUPERIOR!" because my parents & teachers made the mistake of always doting on me. Fortunately/unfortunately I got a painful reality check in elementary school...

Anyway. I'm still awesome, it's just that brainstorming can be awesome too now. Especially when as of late it seems I've developed reverse ADD.

*moves things around* As someone once told me, I'm such a kid :P nyah. But no, really, this isn't all that bad. I need to stop being so afraid of punkification. For all I harp on people about being open to new ideas and shit I surely am not.

I'm bout done reading Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O'Neill. I love plays sometimes more than fiction/novels & what have you. I should talk about it! I also have more good news about my tutoring. I should talk about that too!

*storm storm*

I've been trekking around all day abusing the free Wi-Fi and just...thinking. I really need to find the public safety building before too'll be dark soon I think.

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  1. I've been using FreeMind for about six months and I love it. It's a great tool! I use it a lot for developing an outline for my novels and for coming up with ideas for other projects.

    Good luck with the tutoring! Helping others is a wonderful experience for everyone involved!


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