September 10, 2008

Adventures in Chilluns

I'm trapped in the Culp center because of torrential rains -_-

So! I'll tell you about my tutoring thing instead!

I'm with the America Reads Challenge thing, basically helping about K-6 (and beyond I guess) kids who are behind in reading. Let's refer to my school as S Elementary.

I start next Wednesday. The counselor didn't give me too many details...except I'll be in the library and I'll be working with a group of kids. No idea how many or what grade level they're in (I assume it's 1-4). She said that some of them don't even know their sounds so I think I might start with that.

In the second grade I couldn't do the "wh" sound ¬_¬ no joke. Knowing your sounds & how to sound things out when you read is really important too. The only thing is HOW Imma do that. The manuals we get have some ideas I think...I might ask the office...

I think the kinda sad part is I'm only tutoring these kids from 3:30-4:45 PM. I wasn't expecting nor do I want 3 hour sessions or anything but come on. Me and my roommate agreed that was definitely unrighteous and kinda gipping the kids who might need extra help, especially since I can only do Wednesdays (unless something happens to my Women's Studies class of course). I'll just have to make my time count and bring these kids up to speed as fast as I can, best as I can *sigh* it might be a little hard with a mixed-grade group too.

Lawl. Wish me luck y'all.

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