September 12, 2008

Bring it on Mockingbird

Bout time I found it. This is my school's literary/arts magazine. I wonder why it's called...the Mockingbird.

I really am making too much of it aren't I? :P I kid.

The main page, just some info on what it's about. No sample entries or anything like that. What's that? Why of course I'm submitting! And they're so generous with their requirements. But they're a little tight with WHO they will accept--as in, not just any smug emo kid with feelings and some spare time, like my high school publication did *vicious side eye* STANDARDS, do you have them motherfucker?

So that should be, I'm going to submit and try to get in. Fuck this, I'm an English major!

Speaking of that, will people please stop asking me what I'm going to do with my English major? My usual answer is "Whatever I damn well please" and I mean it. Okay, ask that man at Office Depot if he went to college & graduated. Then ask him what he majored in. I bet it wasn't working at Office Depot.

I'm not going to teach with my fucking English degree. I don't even need to be an author--my dream :D--I just want to major in something I love & makes me happy. Fuck off, masses, good luck trying to get a job with your psychology degree like everyone else.

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