September 8, 2008

lawl @ Male Privilege

For my Women's Studies class hour, I have to read an article in our book that discusses male privilege. She kinda delves into white privilege too but I'd rather focus on the male privilege ~_~ well, that's actually kinda hard because it seems that--in this article and I think it's true to an extent--male privilege is intricately tied to white privilege.

The article discusses how most men won't recognize their "inherent" privilege. Like, not can't but WON'T. It's totally unknown to them, apparently, like how I guess most white people can't/won't/don't acknowledge their own "white privilege".

But the article swaps back and forth between the author facing her own white privilege while trying to get men to acknowledge their own male privilege. It's a little dizzying; it's this that makes me think that, somehow, all society privileges are just tied to white males in general? I mean--if you'll stick to my rambling--it kinda makes sense to me considering that this country was basically meant for white land-owning males no?

But my real question is...because I don't know how old this article is, I wonder how many men--white men specifically I suppose--don't acknowledge their advantages in society. I mean...I don't know if it's the fact that I'm female (and black) but I figure it's pretty obvious. No matter how men & women are supposedly equal now women always seem to be a step or three behind. Despite how many facts & stats you throw about how women earn more/equal pay compared to men and have jobs and blah blah etc, women, I feel, are still kept a step behind the game *shrug*

So, I dunno, I figure men must at least vaguely recognize their privilege? And I reckon surely white people recognize their privilege by now? I mean if you don't you're...blind. That's it *blink*'s kinda weird.

This is just my response to the article btw, since I have to do this in group discussion anyway...more of a way to get out my thoughts.

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