June 19, 2008

There's nothing to watch...but FEAR ITSELF

I loved that pun so much I did it twice.

Anyway, since NBC loves me so much, I decided to do some horror-viewing and finally, FINALLY got around to watching the new show Fear Itself, the smoldering remains of the once great and wondrous Masters of Horror. Damn do I miss that show.

Anyway, I went in watching with low expectations...and they were met ten-fold. I've never been so underwhelmed. So far I've seen two episodes: "Spooked" (kinda anyway) and "The Sacrifice".

For one thing, the theme song? Crap. It sounds like System of a Down, and I like SOAD. But "lalalalalalala-laaaaaalaaaaaaalaaaaaaa" doesn't make a great theme song. The opening sequence was actually very reminiscent of the original MoH opener, but the music fails on several levels.

So far, the Sacrifice especially, things have been pretty atmospheric and well directed, beautiful scenes. And the actors have been pretty good with the roles & scripts they've been given. But...you know, that doesn't necessarily save the episode, just makes it nice to look at.

And the episodes? Wow. Suckage. Not because there's no gore or nudity or cussin' or any of those horror staples; the eps would have been fine without it. Hell, I don't care, the stories and concepts just suck! So far I've seen a horribly generic vampire tale that made no damn sense, and a horribly generic ghost story that I could have guessed the end of about 5 minutes in. And I DID. ...And was RIGHT. And was bored with the remaining 40 minutes.

Fear Itself better step up the creativity and originality factor and step it up soon in a BIG way. It doesn't have to be anything horribly ground breaking, but hell, just look at MoH. Even some of its most generic drivel (and there was some) totally crushes anything Fear Itself has done so far, not just because it got away with way more shit because it was on Showtime, but because of it's originality. It went above standard ghosts and vampires and werewolves and it worked pretty damn well for a while.

Sigh...I was so hoping this would be better...maybe if I give it a chance it will be :/

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