June 18, 2008

Afghan villagers answering questions

I figured this was worth posting about, it's actually damn interesting.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Afghan villagers answer your questions
Nearly two years ago, BBC News website readers put their questions to people in a village north of the capital, Kabul, where the Taleban had destroyed many homes during the civil war.

Since we met the villagers in September 2005, international aid pledges to the country have risen to more than $10.5bn (£5.9bn). But corruption has got worse, and the Taleban have been fighting back.

I'm not sure about the original set of questions from 2 years ago, but this update, nevertheless, is a great look into these people's lives and how things have changed for them. There's a broad range of questions besides just the expected Taliban/Taleban and war questions. Pretty good insight from these people and their hopes & dreams, and how they feel about democracy and what THEY think should be done for their country, not what others think should be done.

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  1. it would be nice if we didn't consider ourselves the police of the world


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