June 7, 2008


Well, if you've got cable or satellite and you've got the discovery networks, chances are you've heard of Planet Green by now. The greenest channel on TV!

Yeah yeah. I dunno, maybe I'm just cynical but I'm a bit tired of "eco-this" and "eco-that". I'm tired of global warming bull. It's not that I don't believe in it or anything but it's all becoming a passing fad now to be so "environmentally conscious". Because, you know, global warming didn't just suddenly pop up one day, we've known about it for decades! And no one did anything! Why is now so important, is it because it's finally noticeably affecting us?

I can't really explain why, I'm just getting tired of people panicking like it's the end of the damn world. I think its funny how people (rather, certain people) are so desperate to do something about the "global crisis" and we're probably just making it worse. People are so silly.

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  1. Yeah, the whole eco-discourse can seem like a bit of a dead end. I like in Vancouver, where it's a huge fad, and it's like, are we doing this to make a difference, or to be cool?

    thanks for your post.


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