June 10, 2008

How far will YOU go for cheap gas?

I could've sworn I posted this here, but looks like I didn't! Which is great anyway, since it looks like gas just hit $5 dollars in some places anyway.

Five dollar gas. Hmm.

This is becoming one of my favorite entries from my journal. If you haven't heard already:

...Anyway, I have a good story to share. First, though, me thinks I should start wearing my glasses more often. It's not that my sight is horrible or that I'm going blinder, just that it feels like my eyes are straining way too much. I think it's just the computer screen, though, because when I'm anywhere else I'm fine :/

Or...I've been in the house so long I'm not accustomed to bright lights anymore XD

Well anyway, whether you drive or not you may be aware that gas just hit an average of FOUR DOLLARS a gallon. That's fucking ludicrous. At this rate, around 2010 there will be a Jordan & Nike Tax.

Edit: I'm totally working on proposing that Jordan & Nike Tax

But hold on, 90% of America That Is Surely Suffering! (The other 10% compose the states of Alaska & Connecticut, where gas was already well over 4 bucks) There is help! ...In Tijuana!

Cheap-Ass Gas In Mexico!

TIJUANA, Mexico — U.S. motorists are flocking to gas pumps south of the border to save 25 percent or more on the cost of a fill-up — courtesy of the Mexican government.

Worried about inflation, Mexican officials are keeping a lid on retail prices at the state-owned petroleum company Pemex. A gallon of regular in this border town is selling for about $2.60. With prices in California averaging $3.43 — and topping $4 at some stations — drivers are grabbing a deal while they can.

Wow, I haven't seen gas under $3 since...what, last year? Early last year? It's been so long.

But don't run across the border just yet--like all shady things, that cheap gas might fuck you up proper:

Mexican stations are notorious for dispensing short liters. And their fuel, loaded with sulfur, isn't as clean as that mandated in California. That's tough on the environment, and it could harm catalytic converters on newer U.S. cars and trucks, too, said Rich Kassel, a clean-fuel expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York.

I dunno, when you drive a pick-up truck and you're paying 10 dollars for a gallon and a half of gas, "the environment" and "clean fuel" may be the last thing on your mind.

That story just kinda underscores, for me, how ridiculous this shit about gas is. When it becomes cheaper to hop a jet to Minnesota than it is to drive down the street to see Grandma, that's when things have gotten pathetic.

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