May 14, 2008

War Memorials & respect

Later on today I'll have a new...thing I call Into Gold (tell me how much that title sucks) that I'll post, I really do love this dated blogging thing.

So last night, I decided to write a part where the main character, Ezra Quint, visits a war memorial on the edge of his college campus (I should name the college, really, since I've named damn near everything else). He just kinda stands there and reflects.

Usually when I write, even if I know exactly what I'm trying to describe I'll go do a little Wikipedia or Google searching for some images for inspirations. I looked up war memorials...and as I just looked at the images and read I felt a little choked up.

War memorials don't really depress me, they make me swell with so much pride and respect for soldiers (and of course a little sorrow). Of brave people who went off to serve their country and unfortunately just couldn't make it back. I feel so sorry for their families and yet, even then I feel some admiration for them too, for their strength, knowing that their sons or daughters might not come back to them, or make it back in one piece.

I was just looking at pictures of the Vietnam Vets memorial and thought I was gonna burst into tears just looking at all the names of the wounded, dead, or MIA.

I reflected this in the character :/ he feels as choked up as I do staring at the memorial. There's a beautiful memorial in the park closest to me, Centennial (of Nashville :P), in the front; it's an angel cradling the body of a wounded/dying soldier. I believe Western Kentucky has a war memorial on their campus too, and just seeing it up close is immense and inspiring.

Uh...if my Image thing were working right now. What's Blogger got against posting fotos from Wikipedia? Maybe Firefox is just hating me right now :P

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