May 14, 2008


Something new from the growing collection of short

I don't know what to call it... I'll call it Into Gold for right now. I don't know what's gonna become of it, its moving slow so far :/

The run down is, well, its in first person. Ezra Quint is a broke, slightly-bitter college student trying to get his degree in mass communications. He's got a friend named Robbie Stein who has an obnoxious, air-headed, fickle friend named Matt Woldenhurst. Matt embodies everything Ezra hates about the world, pretty much. So instead of calling it a day and declaring Matt a lost cause, he decides to change him. Ezra figures if he can change just one irritating person in the world there'll be hope for humanity right? Right?

The answer to that is obviously "WRONG. Wrong!" Matt's got issues deeper than his superficial personality suggests, and Ezra is going to have to turn him inside out...

I don't know how much prawn and ghey content (that is, man-porn) I want this to have. Probably relatively little, but its not like I heap on the man-sex0rz anyway.

I was thinking about reviving my Fictionpress and accounts, the only thing is with AFF is that it's mostly fanfiction, duh. Original stuff gets appreciation too, but not a whole bunch :/ especially if the porn is lacking. And Fictionpress is the sister site of, a site concerned mainly with the 10-16 demographic far as I'm concerned, I'd have to water my stories down so much it'd be ridiculous.

Ah well :P that's why I keep my stories to myself these days, I can update when I feel like and not have some rabid fangirls nipping at my heels.

Oh, first part of that thing I was talking about coming in about 5 minutes...I love future!blogging!

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