May 12, 2008

Jimmy Fallon replacing Conan O'Brien...huh.

Uh, if you keep up with your late night talk shows, you would know that Conan O'Brien hath come to boot Jay Leno from his Tonight Show and taking over the Carson throne. Blah blah history blah blah unfunny blah blah.

So that leaves Conan's Late Show seat vacant. Now, if you're like me and you care you've heard some names throne around like Craig Ferguson (who would deserve it I think) and...Jimmy Fallon.

Well...guess who gets the Late show.

This is from Mercury News and I just love the comments in the article because I agree with most of them:

Alright, you may say, "Wtf, Conan isn't exactly the funniest person in the world either." And it's true, he's not LOL funny for everyone. But...Jimmy Fallon? It's bad enough they gave Carson Daly his own show, and god knows that man has not a lick of talent, humorous or otherwise.

And for me, it's not his annoying habit of laughing through his skits or anything, which is kinda unprofessional, but...yeah, Jimmy Fallon has just never amused me. Not really even annoyed me, just never amused me in any way. He's not that funny to me :/ and certainly can't even get on Conan O'Brien's level, and that's not just the bias speaking (or I'm not trying to anyway), it's just true! Lorne, wtf?

Maybe Lorne sees something we don't and a talk show is just the chance Jimmy needs to shine. Or maybe the execs will realize their horrible mistake about 2 days later. I just hope Conan's taking the band.

I do love dated posting :D I've had 2 posts lined up for like two days now. What a nifty trick! Not this one, but the ones coming up tomorrow.

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