May 7, 2008

Proyeccto eternidad

Hee, I love my blog more and more. It's so fun to customize and what not.

Um, anyway, it's like my ongoing project. The title is like fake Spanish--I call it gringo spanish, gringo being the Mexican-Spanish equivalent of "whitey" basically :P

Gringo's not really Spanglish or anything, it means, to me, that you obviously have a decent working knowledge of Spanish, but you just throw it about in everyday English for no reason, usually getting words or structure wrong. It's like my term for "reverse Spanglish" pretty much. It involves mostly made up phrases and weird word combos.

Like a lot of times, instead of saying "What is that?" in English I'll say "Que es?!" or something made up like "Que contrabando!"

But anyway, that's not what I really wanted to blog about. I mean, that's funny though. Everyone should at least know gringo spanish!

I've added yet another short story to my long list of them. I think I'm really getting the hang of short stories and one day I might be ready to show 'em off. I just need to stop worrying so much about meeting a certain word length and just write. Not all short stories are 2-3 pages, and maybe I wind up writing a novella, whatever. I just need to get away from the huge ass epics I so tend to embark on.

I'm really sleepy...I won't really say what this new short story is about since I'm not even sure right now.

I found a book in the library, about Careers in Writing. I'm still not sure if I could ever make writing a career. I mean, most writers have or had a side job to make the big bucks while they were trying to get published and I could do that too I guess. I've long gotten past the notion that I could live forever off writing! Even Stephen King would tell you that's ludicrous.

I'd love to get published one day. It would mean, at least, someone thought I was good enough to show my works to maybe 10 other people. Even if its just one novel. I've been published before in school newspapers, actually, which is nice too because I know people read those or see those drawings. It just boosts my ego so much. Plus its nice knowing I'm not the only reading my shit sometimes...

Oh damnit, I forgot what else I was going to mention. Er, I'll get back to it, I'm sure I will.

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