May 1, 2008

Scary story time

Haha, my layout is blue now. Not all springy and colorful, but it's awfully relaxing now.

Ugh, the past few days I haven't really been able to channel my creative energy...its been frustrating :/

So...I do little things...I write here and there...speaking of which, I need to write this down:

I have a little keychain my friend gave me. It's pretty cute and kinda looks like an African warrior dude (we call it an..."it"). It's made of black & red yarn and has a sort of red sarong or red wrap, with googly eyes and a red grin, and a red tuft of hair, I guess. He's pretty simplistic.

So one day someone says its a voodoo doll (and it really looks like one). I L-O-L about it and start messing around. I thumped its head and said its voodoo only works sometimes within a 2 mile radius. A few days later my friend gets a concussion :/

Some strange events have been happening with this doll, let me tell you...I mean, I'm not a big believer in voodoo or anything and I'm sure they're just coincidences (funny ones at that), but even I admit it gets a little creepy.

Take this for example. Last week, I took a pin and found somewhere in the doll's chest to stick it. I drove the pin deep in (so it wouldn't stick me of course) and pretty much forgot it until Tuesday. I see my friend Katie with a heart monitor on her chest because she was having heart palpitations. And I was messing around with the keychain about 4th period when I remembered the pin and pulled it was around the same place Katie had her heart monitor, above the collarbone.

Creepy. I look at Ryan and tell him to take a long hard look at it (and I think he's a little unnerved about it too, or at least he acts like it). I drive the pin in the keychain's head and he mentions to me a few days later about Katie or someone else having a headache (the pin is still in the keychain's head at this time). He tells me to be careful where I stick the pin from now on :/ I can't help but believe him a little...

I mean, it is creepy. The fact that it's not having immediate effect just makes me go "Wow, that's freaky but a coincidence nonetheless". But at the same time it's only affecting people I know. Then at the same time, I usually tell someone to look good and long at the doll before I do something to it, but its never that person that's hurt or whatever, someone else. So, I wonder what's REALLY going on with this doll eh?

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