April 28, 2008

Bubble blooowiiing~ and candy

The best things in life really are free :D like, the actual pure best things, not...yeah. That doesn't HAVE to be free. What?

Anyway, as a random stress relief idea I mixed up some soapy water, found some live music stream (that's free too, double win) and started bubble blowing like crazy. Yes, bubble blowing. Just blowin' and watchin' em hit the ground.

Singing to loud concert music and blowing bubbles. I do make my own fun. I've been extremely anxious about my AP portfolio lately. If I've made a mistake it's too late to fix it now, and I'll just have to live with failing. And if I don't take the test...well, that's 84 dollars unwisely spent we'll just say...I just feel like throwing up thinking about it. Thus the bubble blowing, at least.

I get annoying by these commercials I keep seeing advertising these 100 cal packs of cookies & candy. I can't remember the brand right now, but something about it just irks me. The commercials say "bring the joy of candy/childhood back into your life" or some such nonsense. I dunno, it's not like cookies & candies are that high in calories anyway if you can eat them in moderation. Just go eat a cookie!

I guess I shouldn't be annoyed, we really should be more conscious of how much of what we put in our bodies. Plus not all of us have the self restraint to say "Hey, 3 cookies is 170 calories..." and stop there. Why? Because cookies are good :P Same with candy.

Meh, another one of my simple pleasures is watching cartoons from my childhood, like Batman: The Animated Series on ToonDisney right now. And I'm not even afraid to admit that, it's just a bad ass show.

What else...listening to 80s pop...I just got some concert stream from an early 80s concert, performer Howard Jones (also the name of the guy in Killswitch Engage I think, don't confuse em :P). I just listened to the radio tunes, "Things Can Only Get Better" and "What Is Love?" and "Get To Know You Well". Not that he doesn't have better songs.

I listened to ABC live. A good rendition of "The Look of Love". I have no idea why I like ABC, they're like a poppier, blonde Duran Duran almost. Eh, not really...

Tut tut, I was really impressed by an early concert featuring Crosby and Nash (joined by Young), with Crosby singing his song "Almost Cut My Hair". He killed it, as it were. It is his song after all, and he owned it. Later I listened to a different concert with Crosby Stills Nash & Young (I think this is the Filmore) and heard a great live jam of "Carry On", one of my favorite songs ever.

Then Dio...Dio isn't really a guilty/simple pleasure, just a pleasure. He kills everything he does anyway, I love it.

Eh, I should get back to bubble blowing. I feel the migraine creeping in as I mentally prep for tomorrow...

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