April 27, 2008

Man Bites Dog (It Happened In Your Neighborhood)

Somehow, last night I ran across Man Bites Dog. You may have heard of it, it's a B&W mockumentary following a crazy spree killer as he spree kills. Yeah, really.

I have to admit, that's one of few times I've gone into a "cult movie" pretty blind. Usually I like to do a little research to see what I'm getting into, but all I knew about this movie was, it's pretty infamous in its own little right, its violent, and its French. It didn't take away or add to my enjoyment of the film, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I actually only watched 10 minutes of it because...it was like 2:30 AM, but thanks to OnDemand I can go back and finish watching it in a while.

I have to say, the 10 minutes I did watch were pretty violent but I lol'd like a howler monkey at the ridiculousnes. The premise alone is pretty funny to me.

I'm gonna find a website of cult or obscure movies and/or art house films and just check off the ones I've seen so I can feel pretentious. We do love feeling pretentious :D the list is getting long, and I seem to have been getting really lucky lately. Between watching the Sundance film channel and IFC, by...like, August, who knows what I'll have seen or half-chewed (half-seen).

I'm also addicted to Asian Cinema. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hong-Kong...ian, Indian (that's right!), I really like it. It's a breath of fresh air from the usual Western cinema. Yeah, not just American cinema, but Western in general. Sometimes I really do get tired of seeing long, drawn out European existentialist theatre or totally uninspired Hollywood...I've been watching some South American films lately too (mostly from Brazil I think) and they can be nice too, but they can also be just as bad as what we get up in North America :P

But Asian Cinema has its faults too of course...like ever since the Ring and the Grudge took off, I can't tell you how many cheap knock-offs I've seen. Ooh, scary pale girl with long hair. Stop. Um, you'll mostly see me watching Asian horror because its so damn AWESOME, but that's not the only thing I like of course...I like the dramas and the comedies too.

So I watch the Sundance channel and they do this...spotlight feature every sunday called Asia Extreme (or something cheesy like that) where they show the...most extreme Asian movies (usually from South Korea or Hong Kong) they can think of. It's mostly the grotesque-yet-artful horror/thrillers you may come to expect. And by mostly I mean...all. And it's not bad, but like most horror movies in ANY country its very hit and/or miss. Yes, hit AND/OR miss.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be tuning in tonight. It's been many Sundays since I've bothered and lately I haven't been interested (one miss too many). Something called Cinderella (oh no) is coming on and it looks to have nothing to do with the children's story. I better actually research this one...help me, IMDB!

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