May 25, 2008

Night Gallery

Haha, I've been making so many posts via ScribeFire...I'm so glad I installed this feature, because I must tell you about Night Gallery while watching Night Gallery.

So, if you know me at all and my obsession with TV and things like that, or if you've gotten me started about ANYTHING at all, you probably already know about my love for Rod Serling--nay, my borderline obsession. If the man weren't already dead I would be currently following him to the ends of the Earth. Along with this, you probably also know of my ability to relate just about anything to a fucking Twilight Zone episode. Like...seriously, I scare myself sometimes. There is pretty much a TZ ep for every situation in your life.

But...well, I have a lesser know obsession with Night Gallery. I wouldn't call this an obsession just because it's not as readily accessible as the Twilight Zone is. But when it was...that was the only time you'd see me at 10 o'clock in the morning to watch some damn TV.

I loved Night Gallery almost at instant. At first, I said to myself, "Follow ups to popular shows usually suck," which isn't totally true but indeed it was a follow up to the Twilight Zone. A short lived one too since I think about the 70s anthology shows of its nature were just about on their way out. And Rod was like "WTF DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I'M ROD SERLING BITCH!" aka sort of deserving control-freak.

But I won't go into the history of the show...I will tell you, once again, why I like it in a couple of simple points. 3 reasons:

1) A damn budget to buy lunch money with
2) Rod Serling's toupee
3) More source material (doing more horror and less sci-fi, I think, gave it greater wealth of things to adapt)

I thing budget was the biggest one, but most of the time it did lack one important element: Rod "Your children aren't even safe" Serling's control. And that's why he left the show eventually...but again, I'm not going into the history of it.

I've been jonesing for some Night Gallery lately. I envy those with satellite for they have the channel Chiller TV, which is a horror station that airs...guess what, NIGHT GALLERY. Oh fuck them with broken toothpicks and no lube. FUCK THEM.

But, something happy has happened. By the powers that be (aka me browsing the IMDb boards), I've discovered that none other than NBC, my savior, who OWNS Chiller TV, has graciously been posting whole (or mostly whole) episodes of Night Gallery ONLINE. FOR FREE. In Eyehurt Quality and Audiogastic Sound.

Do you know how happy I am? Do you? No, damnit, you do not. YOU DO NOT *faints*

Um...watching now...less chocolate and more sleep today methinks.

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