May 25, 2008

New Title!

Haha, this is a little random, but I changed the title of my blog. I know on my Livejournal I pretty much change the title every other time I get a new layout, but I wasn't going to do that with my blog. And I'm still not.

I just looked at my title and felt it was a little defeatist and vague. I mean, it's no good to have such a super vague description of your blog or journal, right? Well, with my LJ it doesn't matter but it does on my blog, to me.

Also, it just felt defeatist. When I did the title and url thing it was more of a joke and how I felt at the time. I don't feel totally optimistic right now but I feel way better than I did when I did the title. So the URL can stay the same but I felt a title change was necessary to reflect how I'm feeling these days....

And going back to description, the title is long as hell but it officially describes my blog and what I like to talk about. I am a TV and movie addict, no doubt; I am a wannabe writer, and I SHOULD be famous, damnit.

So, more cheery and descriptive title. And I just nabbed the Snoop Dogg line from "Life of Da Party" because I love it so much. The delivery, the message, everything.

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