May 25, 2008

Parents (1989)

Hold on, I'm double blogging.

I was blogging here (the Mojica Marins entry) and on my LJ at the same time, but now I decided I'll put this here too!

Anyway, I was watching some ill-gotten Tales From The Crypt episodes and for some reason I started thinking about an old (well sort of old) little movie called Parents. Its the story of a little kid living in 50s suburbia, where all the weird shit happens. His life seems idyllic (even if his parents are a little freaky) until he starts having these horrific nightmares (they really are the stuff only drugs could dream up); he then begins wondering just where his parents get their meat from...

This is the part where you scream "PEOPLE! PEEEEEEEEEOPPPLEEE!"

Jeez, I remember seeing just the video cover for this movie when I was a kid, back when people used to have to go to the store and rent their movies. Remember that? Anyway, the cover alone scared the piss out of me. Then one day, years later after I became mildly desensitized to horror (mind you, I can and will still cry at certain movies and/or shows), I saw this movie on TV. I actually instantly remembered it from my childhood and I'd caught the beginning, so I said "Hell, what else am I doing today?"

I wasn't doing anything, obviously, so I watched the movie. And boy is it LOL-funny. I mean, it still probably would have scared the piss out of Baby!me, but Sortaolder!me has balls and little to no fear depending on the occasion. And the movie is pretty funny, and its really supposed to be.

For one thing, Dennis Quaid makes me lawl anyway. He plays his role of eerie-ass father to a tee. The little kid, who I don't actually know, is pretty good too. And there's a little twist at the end that's just "wtf..." but at that point you just don't give a damn anymore.

Good ol' movies from my childhood. I better go finish hunting down Tales from the Crypt eps before they're taken down again. I'm looking for season 3 and beyond (well, just short of the latter half of 6 and all of 7 really) because those are the ones I don't have yet :P and no one likes season 1. NO ONE.

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