May 28, 2008

I should finally mention plot

I haven't talked about the plot of "Runaround" at all, I just realized it. Maybe I'm afraid if I talk about it, it won't get done :P sometimes it seems that way.

So, to prevent that from happening, I'll only go into it in brief. I think it's time I told someone anyway, since I finally figured out what the hell I'm doing.

So anyway, the main character of the story is Ezra Quint. Ezra's just a college student, not particularly ambitious but not exactly a pushover. His best friend--or rather, soon to be ex-best friend--is Robbie, who is rather frail and is a bit of a pushover. Before the beginning of the story, Robbie meets Matthias Woldenhurst aka Matt aka Creep. Matt is a bit of a user and a manipulator, fake from head to toe, a con-artist, a suck up, whatever he needs to be to just avoid reality and keep living his lavish and ill-gotten lifestyle.

Robbie gets into some trouble and Matt winds up having to bail his ass out; the only problem is, once Matt does something for you, you'd better make damn sure you do something for Matt, or it's going to cost you dearly.

Robbie already owes Matt two favors; the first is his unnamed catalyst for meeting Matt in the first place, the second is helping Robbie pull some strings for Ezra to get a job at the college radio station. Ezra isn't falling for Matt's shit at all and eventually starts to suspect something's up. He eventually learns that many people know about Matt and his "favors", and just about everyone Ezra knows has owed, still owes, or WILL owe Matt a favor. And now Ezra does too, unfortunately.

Matt usually demands favors of blood, too, which is just one more damper on Ezra's plans to NOT PAY BACK AT ALL.

I think it's shaping up to be a good tale. It starts out a little awkward but I think it's really coming together...if I fix it and work with it a bit more, and give it a chance (which, lately, I haven't been giving to anything) I think I might be one of the better things I've written since the last thing I completed, a little tale called I Often Dream Of Wendy. We have to talk about that story one day...

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