May 30, 2008

Movies I Want To See By Any Means Necessary

There's the list of movies I want to bootleg, and then there's the movies that I'd practically murder someone to view. Not because they're particularly hard to find or are of Excellent Quality, but because...well, I need an alibi for jail, don't I? Also, this includes movies I'd do anything to see again.

It's not a long list, you'll note:

-In The Realm of the Senses
-Visitor Q
-Black Exorcism
-Embodiment of Evil
-Black Exorcism
-Awakening of the Beast

After watching part of The Virgin of Juarez, which kinda sucked, I'm interested in seeing Bordertown because I've heard its the same subject, just told...better with Jennifer Lopez. The rest of the movies I listed, I just really wanna see for various reasons.

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