May 27, 2008

Gay Marriage: A Farce In 50 Acts

I wish gay marriage weren't even an issue, I really do. Wow, two guys/girls want to get married, the world's gonna end! Fuck that.

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Gay marriage decision spurs debate that calls for respect

Court rekindles marriage debate

Tennessee is nowhere near allowing same-sex couples to marry. In fact, this state has a constitutional amendment forbidding such unions.

But that does not mean Tennesseans shouldn't be willing to engage in dialogue about the subject, in light of the recent California Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage in that state. In such discussion, it is important to draw distinctions between the value of faith and opinion and how faith and opinion can be different from the rule of law. It is appropriate to consider in that discussion whether marriage — a sacred, loving act of commitment — is foremost a rule of law or a matter of faith. Most people, it would seem, would put marriage more prominently in the realm of faith, not legalities.

As acts against same-sex marriage are weighed, there should be the question of whether a marriage between a man and a woman is actually somehow diminished in any way if a same-sex couple were to marry. It is difficult to see how a same-sex union could harm a heterosexual union. And that is why it's right to wonder if "defense of marriage" is an appropriate term to put on the issue. Is "defense of marriage" truly an act of defense, or is it simply an act of prohibition?

Ah, my state.

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