May 19, 2008

Firefox & ScribeFire

Wow, this is nice. I added the ScribeFire feature to my already pimped-out Firefox, and now I can blog from pretty much anywhere! Not that I didn't already...

Anyway, this is a pretty nice feature. I can post to here, my LJ, and my Myspace (which, I can't feel happening but oh well) just by hitting F8, that ill-used key, and voila! I'm glad I did it, I was a little prudent at first but it's not so bad.

I've been trying not to go "add on" crazy with Firefox because I don't want to slow it down or add on too much useless junk. I like a simple efficient internet with the basics, not too many bells & whistles. It's all so silly, it's just the damn internet.

I am still trying to find a theme that I like...right now I've just got pretty blue icons, and I don't want anything elaborate, but I would kill to have something....PURPLE! I wish I knew enough about scripts to make my own but I don't...

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