May 20, 2008

Playing with fonts...

I was having some fun and started messing with the Styles & Formatting option (the templates) on Microsoft Word (not 2007, last version). I do that a lot but it's usually just for personal stuff. It doesn't matter what font I do or don't write in because no one sees that but me of course, but I like dicking around anyway. It's convenient sometimes too, already having your preferred settings.

The style right now I use, is just Times New Roman, 11 font, justified and dark blue. Why 11 font? No real reason. I like typing in navy blue because black text on white is just so boring...I gotta be stimulated when I write or...I'll basically fall asleep in the chair and et distracted.

Fonts, obviously, are important for whatever you write...they aid in creating the right mood and atmosphere. I mean, obviously you can't write a horror story in Comic Sans or write a funny story in dreadful Gothic fonts. I do a little research on typefaces/font families sometimes...I'm interested in what kinds of fonts are out there and what used to be use (why, yes, fonts can go extinct!) and how they were made.

So anyway, I'm just gonna ramble about my adventures in Microsoft.

Tonight I went crazy and set up some new templates.

One I called "Egotime" is my regular style with 12 font. I made another one called "Verdana's favorite", which is Verdana font, size 10, bold & dark purple. I really love Verdana font, even if it's hard to read sometimes :P

I made another one called "Trebuchet's favorite", it's 10.5 font bold, dark blue. I've started to really like Trebuchet, it looks like a hybrid between Verdana and Arial.

"Georgia's Ego" is funny too, it's Georgia font size 11, dark blue. Georgia is like a more elegant TNR...speaking of which, the last one I did is called "TNR's superego", which is 11 and dark purple.

As for why I gave them such odd names, that's just what I follows a theme, really, "egos" just being changed forms of the normal style I use and "favorites" being different styles I created. I like being inventive and funny, only I understand I guess.

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