March 12, 2008

"First Bell"

I'm a failed novelist, it's true :P anyway, I've been working on my short story writing, that is, writing short stories at all.

I've been doing what I call my "memoirs", taking funny (or not funny) situations and stories from my day/life and putting a twist on them. So far it's been nothing but horrific twists because I'm a jerk :O

So here's an excerpt from something I wrote/am writing called "First Bell" (actually not in quotes), about a new bell schedule system that goes awry...or, actually, kinda goes appropriately since it does its job. I think it might turn into a wrap around story, with 6 classes getting subjected to the new late bells. Get to class on time, fools!

It starts off innocently enough (they always do):

"The physics class was rather quiet, thank goodness. It was a Wednesday, for one
thing, and the students seemed to be silently reveling in the liberation that
comes with no teacher and a laid-back sub. She hadn’t even told the class her
name, just descended unto them like a shadow, observing. The class, when they
needed her (which was rare), decided to call her Miss F.

Miss F was behind the teacher’s desk making sure the class didn’t try to set anything on fire. She didn’t have to worry really, the class wasn’t going to disturb her or
anything else. And she wasn’t going to disturb them. No distractions, just an
hour-long free period.

Midway through class, however, she heard a noise coming from one of the rows upfront. The noise got stronger and stronger, not an unpleasant sound but a gentle twinkling, like the chiming of bells. An odd ringtone for a teenager to have, but nonetheless it was definitely a phone. Miss F sighed and shook her head with a sly smile."

Then turns into this:

"The class fell into silence once again. Chatting, reading, studying. Miss
F sighed, strangely relieved, and turned her head to look out the window. The
twinkling of the bells irritated her a bit in the back of her mind; she’d never
heard any church bells that sounded like that. But that must have been what the
noise was. It wasn’t the school bell, and judging by the class reaction it
wasn’t a cell phone. It could have been something from another class, however;
there was a sub next door, maybe they were watching a movie. If that was the
case, she should go tell them to tune it down a bit…

A dull ringing erupted from the back of the class. The bells. First slowly, like a funeral knell creeping like a cold mist from the back of the class. Then the noise grew louder and louder, rising like a hellish symphony. The sound rattled the classroom, shook the floors and made the desks vibrate. Glass beakers fell from shelves and shattered and the students ducked and covered their ears against the deafening noise, but no amount of insulation could stop the sound from penetrating; the thunderous bells continued to jolt the room. Miss F was under her desk, purse over her ears, her eyes darting around in terror. She could barely see the class with her vision being shaken by the tolling bells. She cried out to them, praying they would be able to hear her."

And then I threw this in, just for the fuck of it:

"Suddenly, a girl in the back of the class began shrieking again. The very
noise offended everyone around her, still trying to get used to the quiet. Her
guttural screams continued as she rose to her knees, her once-blonde hair
rubicund with the blood pouring from her nose, ears, and eyes. She raised her
hands and plunged her forefinger and thumbs into her eyes as if to pinch them
out and the jelly-like substance ran down her face and mingled with the blood.
She did this several times before proceeding to strike her head upon the stained
tile surface of the floor, driving her fingers deeper into her sockets. Finally,
she rolled over onto her side and, with a final whimper, died. She was silent.
The class would have cheered if they’d only had the heart and the voice."

Poor girl. Ooh, how often do I get to use the word "rubicund"?

Bleh, I'm tired and my computer is either acting funny or I'm just on crack.

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