March 10, 2008

Art jones & ring around the rhea

Devyl and...kitten.

Bleh, I had a little art splurge today...I wrote something and figured I'd start a short story about a girl getting impregnanted by Satan or something. I dunno, I may scrap it later. It was fun to write for a few minutes though.

I also drew something kind of cute that I'm proud off...perhaps I need to get off drawing girls so much? I draw girls a lot :/ I've been told my girlie drawings are...really curvy? Round? :P I guess so...I like thick women anyway, it's what I relate to. It gives me room to draw the body, more room than what I'd have on a damn skeleton.

That's a devil chick I drew ages ago, btw, up top. Okay okay, she's rather curvy, but I think I've learned bodily proportions since then so it's all good.

Curvy women aren't bad at all...I'm not too picky know what I need to work on? Drawing people. Er, what was I getting at...

Oh! I heard about something interesting one night. I'm a sort of wannabe astronomer, have been since I was leetle :O and the ever-infinite Saturn has yet ANOTHER surprise, good ol quiet Rhea might just have rings around it.

Man, how awesome yet creepy would that be. Our solar system seems so bland and boring at times, but then it just ups it a notch and gets freaky and interesting. I wish Earth's moon was interesting :/ why can't it have rings, other than the fact that the rings would cause severe devastation to the planet?

Speaking of art, I have to make a Caravaggio post...I MUST. Because I recently re-re-re got into his art, and he's gangsta.

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